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Martial arts is a unique discipline that brings together mental and physical fitness with self-mastery. At our studio, our renowned instructors will guide you through the training process and help you to achieve the uppermost levels in your choice of martial arts. Speed Budokan Karate Dojo's provides group and individual classes which are suitable for first-time beginners or experts alike. Find us in Tiruchirappalli, where we focus on setting a foundation of basic techniques such as correct hand and foot movements, joint locking and safe falling techniques, which can be built upon every session. To find out more and to book your first martial arts lesson, contact us through our booking form today.

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We offer a range of classes for children and adults of all ages. We welcome students of all abilities – if it’s your first time at class, simply let the instructor know and they will ensure that you are given a full safety run-down. Our classes are limited to small groups, so that our instructors are able to give individuals the attention they deserve. Martial arts are used in self-defence, and there is minimal harmful contact in all of our classes.


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